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We conducted various tests on the following devices:
1. Microwave Monostatic FM-30 (Sensor);
2. Microwave Monostatic FM-60 (Curtain);
3. Microwave MIR-M30.
All results have shown that the sensors work perfectly in all situations as per programmed. We have no false alarm recorded when sensitivity is set to a normal level.
All sensors are connected to TRIKDIS SP231 control panel which reports alarms to a security Company in less than 3 seconds. The users also ARM/DISARM the system via mobile application.
The customer says: «After having the sensors I travel and sleep in peace. Many neighbors ask what system do you use that your house has not been burgled, they say even your walls has an alarm.»
People living in 100 m Radius have been burgled but not our customer because of the quality devices. This has made the customer very happy with our Products and Services.
Thank you for the assistance and prompt response.

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