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On January, 29-30, 2020, our specialists organized a training seminar on "The purpose, technical specifications, application and features of TM Forteza equipment" for the employees of TOO DP Roneks Security Company.

TOO DP Roneks Security Company is our longtime partner from Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

The representatives of OOO Okhrannaya technika told about the structure of the company's production sites and their interaction, presented in details the equipment produced, its technical specifications and distinctive features, and showed the new products.

The technical capabilities of the equipment, as well as simple and comfortable configuration using the software were demonstrated on the sensors operating on different physical principles of operation.

Great attention was paid to issues related to the design and installation of perimeter protection equipment on various sites, as well to up-to-date security systems TM Forteza equipment integrated in.

The training seminar took place on the territory of the technopark Yablochkov, Penza, supported by Technology Integration Cluster of Zarechny.

According to testimonials of our guests it was a useful training seminar and it will contribute to more effective application of our equipment.

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