The sensors FM working on 5,8 GHz

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The company OOO Okhrannaya technika expands the well-known and widely used range of Microwave monostatic sensors «FM». Now the sensors are produced with the operation frequency of 5,8 GHz. Thank to this frequency we have significantly increased the interference immunity of the monostatic sensors:

- to atmospheric phenomena rain, snow, hail, wind;
- to the grass cover;
- to separate plants;
- to industrial vibrations, vibrations from transport moving near by.

The new sensors «FM-30(5,8)(volume, curtain, fan)» and «FM-42(5,8)( curtain, fan)» have got other shapes and sizes of detection zones allowing us to expand the field of application of the sensors and to use them both for the protection of extended sites and separate sectors (roofs, walls, adjacent territories).

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