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The software FortezaM_4_0 provides advanced features and capabilities for the configuration of bistatic sensors FORTEZA-M.

One of the main features of the software is the graphical mode for displaying the radio wave signal. The users can visually see the signal data and analyze it basing on graphical information.

The signal data can be saved in a file and then viewed using the program without connecting to the sensor. Examples of signal sample files can be found in the archive with the program.

The software provides access to the alarm register of the sensor. This feature allows users to view and control the list of alarms that the sensor has recorded.

The program implements the search for free letters for the sensor. This feature is very convenient for facilities where several sets of sensors are used at the same time.

Another function of the program is displaying and saving the event report file. Now users can receive and save a detailed report on the events that have occurred, this feature allows the users to analyze the operation of the sensor during configuration.

The software also displays the power supply voltage on the sensor and gives detailed information on the type of alarm of the sensor.

The software allows to enable or disable the compatibility mode so that the sensor is supported by all security systems.

The program is supplied with a reference information file, which describes in detail the program interface, as well as all types of alarms generated by the sensor.

It is important to note that the software is suitable for all sensors FORTEZA-M starting with the firmware version 23.4 for the receiving unit and starting with the firmware version 23.2 for the transmitting unit.

The configuration software FortezaM_4_0 provides improved control and flexibility of configuration when using bistatic sensors FORTEZA-M and it is an important tool for users.

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