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The designers at our factory continue to enlarge the range of arctic modification products. This time they present the security light LED.

The control board now contains the heat stabilizer with the function of automatic switch on/off which turns on at the temperature below minus 25⁰С, with that the current consumption increases slightly. The device heating works when the lighting is switched off allowing to turn the lights on at the temperature up to minus 60⁰С.

The main advantage of the security light LED:

- integration into the security systems Axxon Intellect Enterprise (, Orion Pro Software (, Electronika Security Manager ( and FORTEZA-PERIMETER (, allowing to control and configure the device remotely using the relay contacts or the interface RS-485;
- no stroboscopic effect and the presence of collinear optics help to avoid the flare light from video cameras;
- smooth change of power of the luminous flux;
- ability to create different modes of operation: full light mode, standby mode, off;
- significant energy savings;
- high reliability of LEDs.

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