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The designers of OOO Okhrannaya technika made some changes in Security Light LED-75/60.

Now the Security Light LED-75/60 is placed into a housing made of polycarbonate. An aluminum radiator is used for efficient cooling of the security light board.

Thanks to reducing of cost for the production of the housing, we gor the possibility to reduce the price of the product. At the same time, the Security Light LED-75/60 in a plastic housing kept the main advantages of the series:
- the absence of stroboscopic effect and the presence of collinear optics excluding parasitic illumination of CCTV cameras;
- control via relay contacts or remotely via the interface RS-485;
- smooth change of the luminous flux strength;
- ability to create different operating modes: full light mode, standby mode, off;
- integration into many popular security systems;
- significant energy savings;
- high reliability of LEDs.

In addition to the entire line of security light LED, the Arctic version ("A") has been added, the Arctic version has an extended operating temperature range from minus 60 ⁰С to +50 ⁰С, allowing to use the Security Light LED in the far North.

Our company offers you to take the opportunity to get the equipment produced by our company for testing at special DEMO prices. This option will help you see if the security light LED can be used in your real object, as well as demonstrate its performance to your customer. After that you can make a decision on purchasing the product for the object.

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