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Our company has many times made announcements on its patented, unparalleled Microwave monostatic sensor FM. The number of articles, publications and news devoted to this "hero" is incalculable. But OOO Okhrannaya technika designers are not ready to rest and continue to improve this real "bestseller" in the field of perimeter security.

Continuously conducted tests in various non-standard conditions allow to monitor and correct the algorithm of signal processing, thereby increasing the noise immunity and expanding the functionality, and hence the scope of monostatic perimeter guards.

The test report from the company "PROTECT 35" proves this fact once again. In 2016-2017 the company installed electronic and engineering equipment to protect the sites of transport infrastructure in Kirov and Samara regions (Russia) using FM-30 sensors.

The detailed user manual, user-friendly interface, customized settings easily allowed the electricians to put in service the security sensor on bridge crossings subject to vibration, to ensure the absence of false alarmes and to obtain reliable triggering at test crossing.

During several years of performance the sensors FM-30 have proven themselves as reliable intruder detection devices and continue to ensure the safety.

The certificate of compliance with the requirements for the functional properties of technical transport security devices allows to use the sensor FM-30 on the sites of transport infrastructure.

If you have such facilities difficult to protect you are not sure in performance of security sensors in a particular area, we offer to use the service "equipment for testing" at a demo price and check the capabilities of our products.

For your reference

The following sensors are used to protect the sites of transport infrastructure FORTEZA, FM, VIBRO, FMW and MIR-B.

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