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At the end of June, 2019, on the base of the office of our partner in Ecuador, the company INTERMATRIX, the presentations of TM Forteza equipment were held for the installers and sellers or security systems. The main list of products and the best sellers among the bistatic and monostatic microwave sensors FM and FORTEZA were represented to the visitors.
Multiple applications for the training seminar planned for the end of July and the wish to buy the sensors immediately after the event is over prove the genuine interest of the Latin American public to TM Forteza equipment.
The presentations ended by agreements with companies to visit the sites for consultations on perimeter protection with TM Forteza equipment.
After the event is over the visitors received the certificates on participating from the training center registered in the Ministry of Education of Ecuador.
We express our gratitude to all the staff of the company INTERMATRIX and its assistants for successful presentations of TM Forteza equipment!

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