New functions of the SW FORTEZA-PERIMETER v 1.12

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In May, 2018, our company presented the new version of the software FORTEZA-PERIMETER for control and management of perimeter protection sensor Forteza with interface RS-485 as well as of other sensors with NC contacts connected via FORTEZA-ADAPTER.

The software became the most popular topic in question among our partners. We considered the opinion of the users, collected all the errors and corrected them to make the software more comfortable to use.

Today we present the new version 1.12 of the SW FORTEZA-PERIMETER.

In the current version:

-      possibility to restore the previous configuration of the program after resetting;

-      upgraded operation with the log of events (printing, saving into the file, upgraded navigation in the log of events);

-      control of the brightness of the security lighting LED;

-      displaying of the quantity of alarms for every device in the duty window;

-      reset of alarms in every channel;

-      activating/deactivating of sound at sensors triggering;

-      support of the main languages (English, French, German);

-      indication of the triggering subzone (for the sensors FM and MIR-M).

We offer you to test for FREE the new version of the software and share with us your opinion and comments! Refer to your Sales Managers for assistance.


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