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Our designers launched a new configuration program Config MIR-M series v.2.0 for the configuration of the Dual Technology monostatic sensors MIR-M.

In the new version of the program we:

• optimized the performance and corrected the mistakes, revealed in previous versions,
• 5 times increased the information exchange speed with the sensor,
• completely renewed the interface to make it more comfortable and informational.

The software allows to:

• search automatically for the sensors connected,
• change the sensor operation mode (operation/configuration),
• configure the sensor (set the sensitivity in every subzone, set the sensitivity of the IR channel),
• change the activeness of every subzone,
• track in real time the sensor signal level and its status (norm/alarm, violation IR/violation MW),
• change the logic number.

The software is absolutely free of charge.

Forteza Russia Team

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