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On Monday, June, 15, our company celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Our staff was built throughout these years, it survived in several economic crisis. It is his professionalism and hard work that ensure the fruitful activity of the company.

Throughout these years, we have accumulated a unique experience in solving complex problems in the development and production of technical perimeter security equipment according to the requests of our customers, improve our products and are always open to dialogue and suggestions.

We have something to be proud of: the company has important achievements, dynamic development, the quality of products and services is at a significant level. Our product range is constantly enlarged and helps our customers to solve their security needs.

Our anniversary is a significant date that symbolizes the stability of development and well-being of our company. Despite the difficulties, we have overcome them and are moving on.

In connection with the upcoming anniversary, please note that Monday, Juneб 15, has been declared a day off in our company.

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