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Total length of the protected perimeter up to 1000 m
Operation frequency 2,45 GHz
Number of sectors up to 20
Range of one sector 5...50 m
Width of the detection zone of one sector up to 8 m
Height of the detection zone of one sector up to 2 m
Detection probability 0,98
Operation temperature of the linear part minus 40...+50 °С
Operation temperature of the radio channel receiver minus 20...+50 °С
Housing protection level, the linear part IP-55
Time of operation of accumulators at 20 °С, the linear part 7 days
Signal transmission range without retransmitter 1000 m on open area
Signal transmission range with retransmitter 5000 m on open area
Delivery package kit of sensors (up to 20 sectors), antenna to receive information from sensors, alarm panel to visualize the information, recharging devices, kit of bags, retransmitter (delivered at pre-order)
System weight (4 sectors) about 20 kg
Skype: natali_forteza
Tel: +7 (967) 4450161
+7 (967) 4450162