The results of the webinar 06.04.2017.

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On April, 6, 2017 we organized the first webinar in French. 

The webinar consisted of two sections. The participants got information on the company OOO Okhrannaya technika, on types, features and advantages of TM Forteza sensors and variants of use. During the webinar the visitors asked their questions, the speakers answered online. The questions requiring more detailed evaluation were discussed personally with the visitors after the webinar. We received quite interesting questions. The participants were especially interested in quickly deployable system FORTEZA-1000 and microwave bistatic sensors FORTEZA-FONAR.

We discussed the following questions: if our company supplies the data collection system Axxon Intellect Enterprise Software, what solutions we can offer for the protection of gardens surrounded by trees, what is the distance for correct performance of FOREZA-1000, duration of autonomous performance of FORTEZA-1000, power supply for FORTEZA-LAMP, if our systems can be powered from solar batteries, if it is possible to reduce the width and height of the detection beam.

The above mentioned questions showed the interest of participants to TM Forteza equipment and they are ready to use it for perimeter protection.

Thank you for your interest to our webinar.

The next webinar «Microwave monostatic sensors FM. Modifications and specifications» will be held on April, 18, 2017. Follow our news for more detailed information on the upcoming online meeting.

If you did not participated in our webinar «About company. ТМ FORTEZA products» on April, 6, please watch the video using the link.


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